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Welcoming a new baby to your family brings both joys and challenges, and oh so many decisions. At Intuitive Parenting, I want you to feel informed and confident in your parenting choices.

You are the expert on your family and your needs. I am here to help you cut through the conflicting and overwhelming amount of information that can leave you confused and doubting your instincts.

I provide education and support on breastfeeding, infant sleep, and early parenting to both expecting and new parents. My approach pairs evidence-based information with a strong belief in a parent’s intuition.


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You will enjoy working with me if you want:

Evidence-based information on lactation, sleep, and early parenting

To understand what the research says, and what it doesn’t say

To be encouraged to listen to your instincts when making decisions

To be supported in your decisions, because only you know what is right for your individual situation


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Our cultural beliefs around nursing, sleep, and parenting young children are often far from what is biologically normal or supported by research. I help parents understand normal nursing and sleeping behavior so that they can have realistic expectations. I help them nurture themselves and their relationships while nurturing baby so everyone can thrive.

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A little bit more about Intuitive Parenting

The mission of intuitive parenting is to empower parents with information and support.

I provide education and support for expecting and new parents to help them feel empowered and prepared for breastfeeding, sleep, and early parenting.

My vision is that all parents have access to quality information and research, have the courage to listen to their intuition, and are surrounded by a network of support.

I am passionate about supporting families, in all the diverse forms they take, as they navigate the joys and challenges of becoming parents. There are many ways to respectfully feed and parent your baby. I believe parents feel most empowered when they are given factual information and encouraged to listen to their instincts.  This allows them to make the best decision for their family. 


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Families come in many forms

I love working with all sorts of families. Whether you are a solo parent or LGBTQ family, whether you are married to your partner or not, all parents deserve respectful education and support. I have experience with inclusive birth and feeding language, and I will use the language that best fits your family. 

Intuitive Parenting FAQ

Where do you teach? 

I teach in the warmth and comfort of my home in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, unless otherwise noted. This cozy setting will help you feel relaxed and at ease.

Do you ever do private classes or consults in a client’s home?

My classes and consults take place primarily in my home on The Hill or virtually. I offer classes and consults in a client’s home on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. 

Do you offer customized packages?

I can customize any of my classes or consults. Contact me to discuss your needs. 

Serving the areas of Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.