You are here because you are struggling with your infant or toddler’s sleep!

You want to nurture your child in a gentle, responsive way, but you’re tired. Oh so tired!

Maybe you know you want to keep responding to your child, but how can you do it sustainably when what you’re doing now is starting to take a toll?

Maybe you know you need to make a change, but you need help doing so in a truly gentle way. You want to respect your baby’s needs and the needs of your family.

A baby girl looking over her mom's shoulder with blue eyes and pink sash bow Washington DC breastfeeding baby sleep challenges

None of the messages you hear about sleep show you a way to do this.

The messages parents receive about infant and toddler sleep are based in fear and disconnection.

They make you doubt yourself. People tell you to leave him to cry. Stop responding to her. You are creating bad habits!

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However, your heart knows what is right for your family.

Your little one falling asleep safe in your arms.

Those quiet, peaceful moments with your baby nursing in the dark.

The complete trust that your little one has that you will always respond, always be there day or night.

With the right knowledge, mindset, and tools, you can create balance around everyone’s needs.

It takes an open mind, creativity, and lifestyle shifts.

But you can thrive as a family while still parenting at night!

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So where do you turn?

Hi. I’m Kim, a Holistic Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor.

I help parents confidently navigate nighttime parenting and family sleep informed by science and guided by intuition.

My specialty is gentle, attachment-based sleep support for breastfeeding families.

Most sleep support focuses on withdrawing your support, not responding.  

Generally, it involves a lot of crying. Even gentle sleep training can end up like this.

Kim Hawley Holistic sleep consultant and Lactation Counselor with her daughter near Lincoln Park in Capitol Hill Washington DC

What I do is different.

I address your family’s sleep holistically. My approach draws from attachment theory, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and the science of biologically normal sleep and development.

Yes, I can help you make changes to how you parent at night, but those changes will always involve emotional availability to your child.

I believe that our culture’s focus on solving baby sleep as the key to solving all your problems is very misleading. There are things we can do to gently improve sleep, but there are more things that you can do to improve your own quality of sleep and well-being, regardless of how baby sleeps. 

It’s not just about offering you gentle methods. It’s about shifting the way we view baby and toddler sleep. It’s about recognizing the value and importance of nighttime parenting and responsiveness rather than forcing independence.

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If this sounds like a good fit, let’s talk.

If you’re serious about resolving your family sleep challenges, let’s see if I can help.

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