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I specialize in gentle, attachment-based sleep support for breastfeeding families.

While I feel confident that I can help most families struggling with sleep, I find that I do my best work with parents who resonate with the following:


My clients are open to new ways of looking at their sleep challenges. They are willing to look beyond just changing baby to explore more holistic family solutions involving both optimizing baby’s sleep and their own sleep and behavior.


My clients enjoy learning the science behind their sleep and parenting options. They want help ensuring that their expectations are realistic for their baby’s developmental phase and temperament.


Families I work with want support that is a collaborative process. They want options rather than being told what to do. They want a professional who knows that they are the expert on their lives and children, and that most often a parent’s intuition is right.

Gentle and Responsive

Parents who work with me highly prioritize gentle, responsive parenting. They focus on building a relationship of trust and connection with their baby. Their parenting goals include a secure attachment, optimal brain development, and supporting emotional intelligence from the beginning.

Believe in the value of nighttime parenting

My clients understand that parenting is a 24-hour job. Babies and toddlers have physical and emotional needs at night that are just as worthy of response as those in the daytime. Connection through touch and emotional availability are a large part of meeting those needs.


While I’m happy to work with families who are not breastfeeding, my background as a Lactation Counselor helps me guide families through their sleep journey in a way that supports the nursing relationship.

Do not want to sleep train

Parents I work with want an alternative to sleep training. They are struggling with sleep, but do not want to “train” baby through cry it out or controlled crying. They do not want to undermine the strong bond they have with their baby through cry-based sleep training methods.

Dad and toddler play with toys

Many of my clients are looking to:

  • Make changes in a gentle, responsive way

  • Understand what’s normal

  • Find a more sustainable way to parent at night

  • Balance nurturing baby and taking care of themselves

Dad and mom watch baby nurse to sleep

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