Getting Started

If you are curious to know if I’m the right sleep professional to help you navigate nighttime parenting and create better family sleep, the first step is to schedule a Family Sleep Intro Conversation.

This conversation is an opportunity for both you and I to get to know each other and determine whether my style of sleep coaching is a good fit for your family. It’s important that our expectations and values align so that we are on the same page.

Kim Hawley Holistic Sleep Consultant drinks coffee in Washington DC

Family Sleep Intro Conversation

In this 40-minute phone conversation we will:

  • Clarify where you are in your sleep journey, what you may have tried, and where you are struggling.

  • Identify what’s missing so that you can feel confident and capable of nighttime parenting and improving your entire family’s sleep quality.

  • Outline a vision for moving forward so that you can continue being the responsive parent you want to be.

If I’m confident I can help you, then we will talk about the possibility of working together and what that would look like. We’ll also make sure to address any questions you have.

How to Get Started

To schedule, pick a date and time below. Then, you’ll have a few questions to answer so that I can understand your needs and help me decipher if I’m the right person for you to speak with.  

Normally, I charge $100 for this time, but this session is free as a way for us to get to know each other and decide if it is a good fit.

If you aren’t ready to move forward, I invite you to explore my website and see if it feels like my approach is the right for your family.