Pregnancy and starting a business….was I crazy?

This summer, when the idea to start teaching classes emerged, I hoped that I would be pregnant sometime in the fall. The idea that pregnancy wouldn’t mix well with trying to launch classes occurred to me, but during my first pregnancy I worked full time in Rockville. I survived and managed to keep things at work under control. Yes, I came home and slept for weeks during my first trimester, but I managed.

Since I quit my job when my son was 9 months old, a story for another blog post, now my primary responsibility is keeping my active overly curious almost 3 year old alive and well. This fall he started preschool 2 mornings a week. At first, this seemed like so much child free time on my hands! Time that I would be able to dedicate to class prep and promotion. 

But then I was pregnant. And every pregnancy is definitely different. The exhaustion hit with a power that left me with no energy to do much of anything. Those 2 child mornings a week suddenly seemed like no time at all.

I started to think I was crazy! Maybe I should have put pause on the teaching brainstorm until after we had our second. But I tried to keep things moving forward, even if only by inches.

So here I am in my second trimester, with energy slowly, very slowly, returning. There’s so much to do, and so little time to do it. Did I underestimate how hard it would be? Yes! Did I over estimate my balancing abilities? Definitely yes! But that’s ok. 

There is so much more to teaching in your community than just posting classes and teaching. The art of this whole endeavor is a learning process as much as parenting is a learning process. Hopefully though, I will start creating the opportunities to begin sharing some of my classes with the families of my community, something I am so excited to do!