Speaker Info

I love sharing information about creating better sleep, nighttime parenting, and holistic approaches to the whole family’s sleep quality.

I’m a Holistic Sleep Consultant, Lactation Counselor, and mom who brings together an evolutionary and development informed approach to understanding our little one’s sleep, with the practical tips parents need to optimize sleep within the context of normal development.

With an academic and professional background in both Cultural Anthropology and Maternal and Child Public Health, I can communicate the evidence and highlight the role of culture on our expectations through this challenging time.

In case you’re worried – I’m not a sleep trainer in disguise! I really do only offer responsive, gentle, attachment-based approaches to sleep!

My Signature Talk

The Holistic Guide to Better Sleep for Babies and Toddlers: Learn 5 key facts our culture gets wrong so that you can let go of the sleep struggle and “am I doing it wrong” anxiety.

Much of our parenting advice around sleep relies on outdated ideas about how babies and toddlers should act and sleep, rather than coming from what we know is biologically normal.

The emphasis is on controlling behavior, disconnection, and pushing independence- something at odds with many parents’ instincts.

There’s a better way!

You can improve sleep for your entire family while focusing on connection and what is biologically normal.

If you’re concerned whether you are doing enough to support your little one’s sleep development and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information you hear, then you’ll love this talk that bridges the art and science of age appropriate sleep.

Come learn 5 cultural myths that stress parents out and discover calming, evidence-based information to build your confidence around nighttime parenting and improving sleep for your family.

This Talk is Perfect For:

  • Holistic wellness events that include parents

  • Break out sessions at birth and baby fairs/expos

  • Professionals wanting to expand their understanding of sleep

  • Mom/parent groups

  • Private, “Fireside Chats” and other informal gatherings of parents wanting to learn more about sleep

My speaking style:

  • Creating an interactive and conversational atmosphere

  • Setting a warm and inviting tone

  • Offering evidence-based information with a focus on what the research says and what it doesn’t say

  • Applying what you learn in practical ways

  • Focusing on the relationship between lactation, sleep and family health

My talks are available in-person in the Washington DC area, and virtually via webinar and tele-class.

Ready to discuss bringing me in to speak in-person or virtually? Not sure if my signature talk topic is right for your group and would like to discuss other topics? Reach out and let’s set up a time to talk and see if I can help!