Holistic Sleep Support in Washington DC

Are you struggling with sleep and not sure where to turn?

 Do you need help finding a sustainable way to handle nighttime parenting?

 Do you need to navigate a sleep change in a gentle, responsive way?

 If the above sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

 I specialize in gentle, attachment-based sleep support for breastfeeding families.

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My Approach

As a Holistic Sleep Consultant, I take a family centered view of sleep. I approach sleep development from a biological and evolutionary perspective. I support normal infant/toddler sleep and recommend behaviors that promote infant mental health and secure attachment. This includes an emphasis on responsive parenting, even at night. I help parents understand that responding to their baby is the foundation for strong attachment and optimal brain development.

When approaching a family’s sleep challenges, I focus on providing:

  • Education on biologically normal sleep so that their expectations are realistic for their child’s temperament and developmental stage. Some waking is both healthy and normal, and crying is how baby says, “I need help.”

  • Information on optimal sleep conditions through environmental factors and daily patterns. If parents need or want to make changes, I guide them through ways to do so gently and respectfully.

  • Guidance on strategies for increasing rest and wellness regardless of their child’s sleep patterns. I help parents find strategies to meet their own needs while still meeting baby’s needs.

  • Navigate any sleep changes with gentle, respectful strategies. When I work with families to make changes, any strategies we use will always be truly gentle, respect your baby’s unique timeline, and be based on realistic expectations for your baby’s age and temperament.

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Working with me

 Tired parents need a safe space to learn, vent, and embrace new ideas. During the time we work together, I provide information, empathetic listening, and new strategies to help the whole family thrive.

 I offer a range of package options so that you can find the right amount of support for your family.

Tier 1: My signature sleep package plus a private Staying Connected after Baby workshop

Tier 2: My 2-month signature Sleep package – How to Confidently Navigate Nighttime Parenting and Family Sleep through Science and Intuition.

Tier 3: Mini Family Sleep retreat

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What you can expect:

Empathy, compassion, and non-judgmental listening

Evidence-based information and recommendations

A holistic view on family sleep where we look at all members of the family to find improvement

Truly gentle suggestions that support optimal development and secure attachment

A collaborative approach that recognizes you are the experts on your family


What not to expect:

Your baby or toddler to be sleeping through the night in a few weeks

Quick fixes to sleep and behavior challenges

Strategies that put all the burden of change on your baby or toddler

The first step is to schedule a free, Family Sleep Intro Conversation. We can get to know each other and decide if it’s a good fit.

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Holistic Sleep Support FAQ

What is holistic sleep support?

Holistic sleep support looks at sleep in the context of the whole family. It recognizes that there are many factors affecting how the whole family sleeps. As a Holistic Sleep Consultant, I support the normal sleep patterns of babies and toddlers. I help parents understand normal sleep and how responding to your baby helps build strong attachment and optimal brain development. Realistic expectations go a long way towards reducing stress. There are many factors that can help families get more sleep without overriding a baby’s normal and healthy sleep behavior. 

How is this different than sleep training?

Sleep trainers’ goals are to get your baby sleeping through the night. They are training your baby to stop crying for you, not necessarily to get more sleep. Sleep training is stressful and goes against most parents’ instincts.

My sleep support recognizes that wakening in the night is both normal and healthy. Even with this understanding, there are ways to ensure better sleep for the whole family. I will help you find areas to change that work for your family, resulting in more rest. 

Why is it so hard to sort through all the conflicting information on sleep?

The increase in sleep experts in person, in books, and on the internet
has not led to parents feeling better about their baby’s sleep. Instead, parents often feel confused, torn, and stressed by so many suggestions that conflict with each other. If you are wondering why this is so, there are many reasons.

A few are listed below:

  • Because so much of sleep advice is cultural opinion, and not based on biological norms or research.

  • Because parents often have no idea what is biologically normal and often feel that they are doing something wrong, when they aren’t.

  • Because our modern lifestyle and what babies have evolved to expect just don’t mesh well.

  • Because sleep is one area of development that can only be understood in the context of the family as a whole.

  • Because there is so much else we can do to improve sleep without ignoring our baby’s needs.

But shouldn’t my baby be sleeping through the night?

Sleeping through the night is the holy grail of parenting. But here is the thing, even adults don’t sleep through the night. Some night waking is normal for all humans. Sleeping for longer stretches is a developmental milestone that your baby will reach when baby is ready. In the mean time, you can support a healthy relationship with sleep. This will help everyone be more rested through these early years. 

But don’t I need to teach my baby to sleep?

Babies are born knowing how to sleep. In fact, they spend a lot of the time during pregnancy sleeping. We don’t need to teach them to sleep. What babies need is a family environment that encourages them to respect their circadian rhythms for optimal health.

How do I know if your holistic sleep support is a good fit?

Holistic sleep support is for people who want to respect their baby’s normal and healthy sleep patterns while still managing to sleep as well. It is for people who want to have realistic expectations for their baby so that they know what is normal at their baby’s age. It is for people who do not want to use cry it out or other types of sleep training. People who practice attachment parenting, or other types of responsive parenting, will find this type of sleep support very helpful.

Can you help us make changes to our current sleep set up?

Yes! I help parents make developmentally appropriate changes in ways that are gentle and respectful. I can help you first identify if your desired change is developmentally appropriate, and then provide gentle, respectful ways to progress through the change.

Note, I do not try and control your baby’s sleep through behavior modification techniques used in sleep training. Sometimes, however, we do need to change how we parent around sleep whether it’s night weaning, moving baby from our bed or bedroom, or better sharing nighttime parenting duties. I can guide you through gentle ways to make such changes.

I also help you make changes in your own life so that you can sleep better and feel better regardless of how often baby is waking.