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Spinning Babies

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Postpartum Support International

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Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery - ACOG

Approaches to Limit Intervention during Labor and birth – ACOG


Doulas can be an amazing part of your birth team, here’s a little bit about what they do and how they can help your birth. Let me know if you want recommendations for doulas to support you for birth or postpartum.


Birth Stories

Seeing different kinds of birth stories can be helpful. Here are a few to get started. If you enjoy preparing for birth by watching other birth stories, YouTube is full of them.


Guided Meditation

Here are a few guided birth relaxation exercises to get you started. Practicing relaxation and some sort of mindfulness/meditation is one of the most important ways you can prepare for birth. Whether you choose pain medication or not, whether you have a vaginal birth or need a cesarean, relaxation and meditation can help you through it.

Meditation for Labor

Worry Balloons

Float Away Stress

Rainbow Relaxation

Hypnobirthing relaxation

Breathing and Visualizing for Birth


Lactation information

Here are a few reliable websites for lactation info, and a few breastfeeding videos to get you started.


La Leche League International

Breastfeeding USA

Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocols

Infant Risk


Breastfeeding Videos

Breastfeeding in the First Hours, Global Health Media Project

Attaching Your Baby at the Breast, Global Health Media Project

Positions for Breastfeeding, Global Health Media Project


Postpartum Resources

Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health

DMV Perinatal Mental Health Resource Guide

The 4th Trimester – AKA Why Your Newborn Baby Is Only Happy in Your Arms

One Handed Snacks: A must Have for the New Breastfeeding Mom

Well Baby Visits

Baby Development

Umbilical Cord Care: Do's and Don’ts for Parents

Baby Bath Basics: A Parents Guide

Safety – Babywearing International

Diastasis Recti During and After Pregnancy